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Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Contact Update Project – Frequently Asked Questions
June 2020

Background: After many years of collecting contact information, we have begun a project to clean up this large collection of data.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions relative to this project.

We at Stock & Associates thank all those who help us update our Contact Information so that we may provide the highest level of excellence to our clients.

“Why am I being asked to update my contact information?”

Stock & Associates would like to maintain the latest contact information for every client, vendor or personal contact for George M. Stock, P.E. & our Firm.  This will ensure that the level of trust & satisfaction that you have come to expect is maintained.  It also ensures that e-mail/mailings are sent in a timely manner, as any invalid e-mail address will be purged.

“Should I update my title, my company name or contact phone numbers?”

While this would be beneficial, as it would allow us to access the latest information, should we need to send plans via mail, contract files for titles & phone numbers for fast communication while working on Engineering/Surveying or other mutually shared projects with you or your company.

“Is my information safe?”

Absolutely.  We adhere to encryption standards & privacy compliance policies set forth by industry standards.  Under NO circumstances will your contact information be shared with anyone outside of our firm.  We do not sell e-mail addresses, nor use them for mail lists, etc…

“How can I be assured that this is not a phishing message & that Stock & Associates is sending this?”

If you feel hesitant, do not hesitate to contact our office directly at (636) 530-9100.  Our Marketing team will verify that we are, in fact, requesting this data update.

“How soon do I need to complete this request?”

We understand you’re very busy.  We ask that you kindly complete this update at your earliest convenience.